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A Complete home for your child's developmental needs


 ( You know the child best )
(The more you know the better they grow )
  • Physical Development

  • Emotional Development

  • Intellectual Development

  • Social Development

Child's Developmental Traits And Challenges

  •  From the baby to the adolescence, kids grow in amazing ways.Along with physical transformation, children go through complex cognitive and social challenges too, there will be exciting positive developments, like new skills and knowledge, but probably some defiant and emotional periods too. It's all nature's way of preparing kids for adulthood.

  • The early childhood years are especially important to set the stages for success and wellness

  • Between birth to age three, your child's brain grows to 90% of its adult size. By providing children with healthy food, mental stimulation, and plenty of love during this tremendous period of growth, children are better able to develop important physical, emotional, and intellectual skills they'll lean on for lifetime

Developmental Milestones in Children

  • Parents are instinctively interested in their child's development and want to make sure their child is progressing appropriately. As children grow, they pass through key developmental milestones at certain age. Tracking these milestones helps us gauge how a child is progressing, although it is normal for children to learn these skills at different rates.

  • Understanding what milestones are, and whether children are meeting them can help parents identify problem early, or reassure them that their children are on track

  • Milestone involve physical, social, emotional, cognitive and communication skills that need to learn as they develop and grow. Often these skills build on each other.

  • For instance, first a baby pulls up, then they stand, followed by taking their first step Shifting your parenting strategies to keep up with your child's growth is a big risk, but it's important to consider your child's health and wellness needs at every age and stage of development 

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